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This hand painted paper lampshade is covered in a landscape of Mulberry, Cypress, Scots Pine and Box trees all grounded by a cloudy sky and is perfect for pairing with our Daphne Carafe table lamp base. Each shade is unique and has been individually handcrafted in the UK before being hand painted and signed by Cressida in our London studio. The green background is colourful and is elevated by the use of a gold trim. Designed to be lit up, the pigments in our paints pop when you turn the light on, bringing a lovely vibrancy to the room. 

Made in the UK

Hand painted paper lampshade 

Pictured with Daphne Carafe table lamp base

Base diameter: 36 cm 
Height: 16 cm 
Top diameter: 11.5 cm 
Suitable for table lamps between 30 - 40 cm high

Gimble fitting, supplied in position for table lamp ( can be reversed to suit ceiling lamp ) with an adjustable shade ring to fit U.K and Eddison light fittings. 
Max bulb wattage 60W 

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