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Cressida Bell's COOKERY POSTER

With a highly original approach to learning to cook this visually exciting and accessible cookery chart is designed to hang on your kitchen wall. It by-passes the need for cookery books and has all you need to get started in one simple poster.

This Autumn, thousands of students will be leaving home to live on their own for the first time with no idea of how to cook for themselves. With so much else to learn, learning to cook will be one of the last things on students' minds. But if they can master just a few simple dishes they will definitely end up healthier, wealthier and happier. A diet of takeaways and junk food is expensive and fattening and bad for the planet. Many students gain weight in their first year and find it hard to study without proper nutrition. Shopping for and cooking fresh food from scratch is fast, fun, cheap and will make you popular. But - people who don't cook don't read cookery books - so how to get started? Read a cookery POSTER!

How To Cook REAL GOOD CHEAP EASY FOOD is a chart designed to hang on your kitchen wall - a visually exciting and accessible step-by-step guide to kitchen survival.


In a series of clear stages this ‘flow chart’ shows you how to cook 20 delicious savoury recipes in simple-to-follow steps. For STAGE 1, gently fry an onion. At STAGES 2 and 3 add flavour and excitement with a range of ingredients from tomatoes to beans, peppers, mince or chicken, garlic, herbs and spices, following the arrows to the recipe of your choice. From Couscous to Bolognese Sauce, Chilli con Carne to Minestrone, good food is at your fingertips.

En route you are given recipes for cooking pasta and rice - and there are 2 handy shopping lists showing the ‘Basics’ and ‘Extras’ - as well as the minimum kitchen equipment you will need. The instructions also give suggestions for vegetarian and low-fat options.

Easier than a cookbook, more readable than an iPhone app and more convenient than an online recipe this chart not only provides the fundamentals of good fast food but is also a basis for a lifetime of cooking and a highly decorative and covetable designer poster.




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