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How To Cook Vegetarian REAL GOOD CHEAP FAST FOOD is based on the original design but with 16 new vegetarian dishes. Designed to hang on your kitchen wall it is a visually exciting and accessible step-by-step guide to kitchen survival. Easier than a cookbook, more readable than a smartphone app and more convenient than an online recipe, this chart not only provides the fundamentals of good fast food but is also the basis for a lifetime of cooking and a highly decorative and covetable designer poster.


'I love the teenager should be sent out into the world to feed themselves without it. It's a life skill on one large sheet of paper - everything there but the ingredients to make good, cheap, fast, tasty meals. Swifter than Google and much better looking.'

Sheila Dillon, presenter of the of The Food Programme, BBC Radio 4

'This cookery poster is inspired. It teaches you to make wonderful, proper food, day after day, with minimal shopping and cost. Apart from being extraordinarily useful, it is great looking.'

Daisy Garnett,




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